Mmoho is a nationwide advocacy campaign that seeks to reduce the occurrence of unplanned teenage pregnancies. By using a positive, rights-based approach, Mmoho aims to change the conversation about teenage pregnancy as well advocating for comprehensive and accessible sexual and reproductive health (SRHR) services for young women and men.

Approximately 30% of teenagers in South Africa have reported ever being pregnant, with the majority of those pregnancies being unplanned. Limited access to contraception, poverty and poor sexual education are just some of the many factors that contribute to the high rates of teenage pregnancy that we see in South Africa.

Mmoho was launched in 2014 in Johannesburg. The campaign is rolled out as follows:

  • Media – including radio, print media, website and social media
  • NTPP – mobilization through NTPP members
  • Government and policy makers – engagement with government and policy makers