Our Audience

Teenage girls and boys

Mmoho calls on all stakeholders to work together and provide information and services that help teens prevent unplanned pregnancies. The campaign calls on teens to take charge of prevention of unplanned teen pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections. This page provides teens with information on teen pregnancy and useful documents.

Factors contributing to high rates of unplanned teen pregnancies include abut are not limited to early sexual debut, limited sexuality education, peer pressure, gender based violence, gender relations and power imbalances and inconsistent or/and lack of contraception use.

Teachers and educators

Teachers and educators are well placed to contribute to reducing unplanned teen pregnancy by providing information and avenues for teen boys and girls to learn about and understand their sexual and reproductive health. Mmoho calls on teachers and educators to create a space where teens are enabled to ask questions about their sexuality and access – referral – to comprehensive sexuality education and services.

Government and policy makers

Unplanned teen pregnancy is a critical area requiring attention and multi-pronged response. Chapter 2 of the South Africa Constitution provides an environment for enabling policy and Section 27 sets out a number of rights with regard to health, including right to access to health care, including reproductive rights. While a number of relevant policies and commitments exist, gaps and challenges remain successfully implementing these policies.